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Michael A. Mack

Mike, originally from The Northland (Philly, PA), has been a Low Country resident for over 30 years. In addition to being degreed in Forestry and Land Surveying, Mike is an avid gardener and Civil War buff. His own horticultural history lends great substance to garden tours, and he thrives on developing all of his tours through in-depth research that reveals more truths within Savannah's story and her people. Mike delivers the type of voracious presentations that enthralls his guests, hands down every time, and is considered one of the city's most professional and entertaining tour guides.

Orlando Montoya

Noble Jones Tours is pleased to have Orlando Montoya on our team of artisan guides. A freelance writer and audio producer, Orlando puts it best in his own words: "Savannah is a vibrant, living city creating history every day. For 15 years, I had the privilege of reporting this history on the radio. During this time, I interviewed thousands of people for stories on the city's arts, news and culture. I also had incredible first-person experiences uncovering stories about Savannah's past. In 2007, I put this knowledge to work for visitors by becoming a licensed tour guide in the City of Savannah."

Keith Blake

Decorated military veteran (United States Marine Corp)

As a young lad growing up on a small ranch with horses and cattle in Northern California, the values of hard work were ingrained in me from an early age. Yes ma'am, yes sir, and respect thy elders are all phrases that my younger self was no stranger to. I carried those same values with me into my military and civilian career paths, allowing me the opportunity to travel and experience different parts of the world along the way.

While I was in the Middle East, I was exposed to ancient history, culture, and the beauty of what I saw. After retiring several years ago, I set out on a journey in 2015 where I walked across America raising money for cancer research and awareness for our veterans in need. I looked upon the journey I was about to embark on and saw it this way: "I've worn our countries uniform, was sworn to defend her, and now I'll get to know her." I arrived in Savannah in the fall of 2015, and it was only to be a brief stopover. I was here about three weeks, and some friends who had taken me in said to me, verbatim: "Be careful, or she will wrap her arms around you."

Well, I'm still here. I fell in love with this beautiful city and began to immerse myself in the history and culture of this wonderful place. Since then, I have been helping the people who come to visit Savannah by providing a unique and personal experience while learning about this magical city's history and culture.

Pierce MacIain

Claiming both Athens and Savannah as his home, Pierce MacIain is a native Georgian with family roots going back to colonial Savannah. He grew up immersed in the history of Coastal Georgia and holds degrees in both history and law. Helping people understand Savannah is a passion for Pierce, and his tours peel back the layers of Savannah's history to reveal both how it was and how it is currently. His particular areas of interest are the early colonial periods (with a focus on Scottish history) and Antebellum and Civil War Era Savannah.

Ed Pyrch

Ed's first visit to Savannah in 2005 began a love affair that continues to today. After moving to Savannah permanently in 2007, he became the city's Architectural Coordinator and managed the design and construction of many projects in the city. Today, Ed can be found working with private clients on architectural projects and guiding Savannah's guests through the city's urban forest, showing them its famous ward design through the eyes of an architect. Join Ed on a lively tour while he illuminates the intricacies, vibrancy, and underlying symbolism of Oglethorpe's utopian plan.

Kelse Palko

Kelse, a native of Hampton, VA, takes great pride in calling Savannah home and sharing Georgia's First City with his guests. After many years serving in the hospitality industry with careers in gaming, sales, and tourism, Kelse developed his current profession out of his passion for history and uncovering the truths that linger below its surface. He is an avid investigative reader and an enthusiastic traveler with a deep appreciation for the history of all places and people. Guests are enlightened through Kelse's energetic delivery and spirited introduction to Savannah's past and present.

Marcia Palmer

Though I was born and raised in New England, I have called a few diverse spots throughout the US home for the past 35 years: Austin, San Francisco, and Denver, most recently. I have been a repeat visitor to Savannah since childhood and am now thrilled to call this charming city home! I embrace her compelling history with enthusiasm, passion for truth, and delivery with sincere earnestness. I never get tired of learning new and fascinating tidbits that I love to share. History is about people and their stories of sacrifice, grace, and courage. It's an honor to relay this information to our interested guests. I hope to spend many years to come expanding my knowledge and, more importantly, my understanding of these historical giants.

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